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A pesquisadora em Dança e artista  Fafá Daltro realizou no dia 26 de setembro, no Studio in Diorama Arts, a performance " Eu arrumo coisas...", que faz parte do projeto de Estagio Pós-Doutoral  que é apoiado pela CAPES  na Middlesex University, Londres, Inglaterra. Uma ação em conjunto,que envolve estudantes brasileiros e ingleses para trocar informações na web mediados pelo projeto Diálogos Cruzados.


You are invited to participate a dance/performance research project between Middlesex University and the Dance School at Federal University-Bahia, Brazil.

The project investigates dance improvisation in unconventional spaces.

It offers experiences in improvisation to construct poetic dance in non-theatre spaces. The work includes exploring aspects of the relationships between moving bodies in time and space to analyize improvised and collaborative processes.

The project will take place through a series of workshops and performances in the open spaces of Middlesex University and/or in Diorama Studio Arts, Camden (http://www.diorama-arts.org.uk) - plus other spaces suggested by the group.

The project will be documented by the Life in Colour Art Group (www.lifeincolour.blogspot.com). This group will work with the participants to capture photographic and video images. It is intended that these images/videos will be available on the web as the basis for a virtual exchange with dance students at the School of Dance-UFBA-Brazil.

Fatima Daltro (teacher) - Dance School - UFBA-Brazil
The research is lead by Professor and Choreographer Fafá Daltro School of Dance at University Federal Bahia-Brasil.       link: http://grupoxdeimprovisacao.blogspot.co.uk/ )

Free to participate

Open Information / Taster Session on:
Monday 13th October, 600-8.00pm, Theatre Arts, Grove Studio  1

Weekly workshops through the Autumn term:
Monday Evenings, Theatre Arts, Grove Studio  1, 6..00-8.00pm

There will be two durational performances
Date: Early December
Venues: Public spaces in Middlesex University and Diorama Arts Studio

Contact details for further information contact:

Developed in conjuction with Professor Vida Midgelow, Middlesex University-London- England
This project is support by CAPES, Dance School at Federal University - Bahia-Brasil
 and Middlesex University - London- England

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